How to Build a Strong Brand Through Email

Tracking customer journey is one of the most important parts of doing business online. It increases brand awareness, as well as brand loyalty that could convert to profit in the long term.

However, depending on the size of the customers and their needs, tracking the customer journey has always been challenging. That is being said, Email marketing is an efficient way to achieve this. In this article, we will discuss the importance of tracking the customer journey and how to utilize emails to build a strong brand for your business.

Why do we need to track customer journey? 

First of all, customer journey is steps that are taken and experienced by customers when engaging with your brand. Imagine you as a customer. You might receive promotional emails and take an interest in a certain product. Then, you research the product, purchase it, and become a repetitive customer. This is an example of the paths of the customer journey, which are awareness, consideration, purchase, and retention.

Now imagine you as a marketer who works in a company. You have hundreds of customers who many of them might still be in the awareness process, and some of them are in the consideration process. You need to track all of your customers and engage them personally to fully satisfy your customers which is extremely difficult. Well, it is now easier with the use of email marketing.

Email marketing using Email Service Provider (ESP) allows you to have a fully organized contact of your customers and categorize them based on their customer journey. Then, you could send personalized emails using automated functions to every customer efficiently and therefore, connect your brand and customers better. This will eventually lead to strong brand loyalty.

To sum up, tracking customer journey and satisfying every customer is essential, but very time-consuming. With Email marketing, you could track customer journey easier and has a powerful brand.

The first basic step of email marketing would be setting up a professional business email. Remember to use a brandable email name when creating one.

The importance of welcome emails

The first impression is always crucial. A welcome email is considered to be the key to whether or not customers will engage to your brand since it is proven to have the highest open rate in comparison to other types of emails.

Tell them more about your brand in your welcome emails, but do not be too long. Just use precise and impactful sentences to introduce your product/services. It is also always recommended to use pictures that define your brand identity.


Source: Patagonia

Be more impactful than just normal welcome emails. Offer them coupons or free content to attract customers better. This will make them feel more welcomed and special. In addition to this, you want your customers to connect to your brand better and use welcome emails to bring your customers to your social media platforms. Social media marketing is also an incredible way to create a connection with your customers.

Lastly, a welcome email can be more than one. You could create a series of welcome emails that include the content that we have written above. It is an efficient way to keep your customer engaged. This can be quite complicated, but ESP such as MailChimp allows you to create different email templates and send automated emails to a different audience. By focusing on welcome emails, you are more likely to attract more customers in the short and long term.

Make customers feel relieved using order confirmation emails 

A good series of welcome emails will lead customers from the awareness and consideration process of the customer journey to the purchase process. Do you know that many customers feel uneasy after placing an order? Usually, they would confirm one more time after placing an order to make sure that the order is correctly placed.

Order confirmation emails are used to make customers feel more relieved since they could confirm the details for their purchase easier. It acts as a guarantee and assurance that you will professionally handle their orders. Moreover, order confirmation emails are also an opportunity to build a long-term relationship with customers by providing them with more purchase opportunities in the future such as loyalty programs.

Email marketing allows you to create a template of order confirmation email and create automation that could send the emails right after the orders are placed. Order confirmation includes order ID/number, contact details of you and your customers, shipping address, and the order in detail (products, quantity, price).

It is also recommended to give an estimation of time when could the customers receive their products. Another method is to send them more emails when the products are shipped/delayed. This is extra work for you, but this is also a good to provide extra assurance to customers.

In welcome emails, we discussed the importance to be more impactful. You can do the same with order confirmation emails by providing them special offers and loyalty programs. You can also thank them personally using ESP functions and make them feel closer to the brand. To conclude, order confirmation emails need to be detail and impactful.

Bring back customers to the loop using customer retention email 

The customer journey does not end at purchase. You can always bring them back to the loop of the customer journey and create a never-ending journey for them. Customer retention email is playing an important role to achieve that. Remind them of your brand and products/service uniquely. We believe a successful customer retention email includes a sense of exclusiveness and appealing at the same time.


Source: Alamo

Simply sending emails to customers whenever your company has a new discount or offer is fine and you need to do that, but we will take it to the next step. A birthday email is an exclusive way to remind customers about your brand. You provide an offer during their birthday and that will make them feel more special and engage to the brand again. The same goes for anniversary emails (since subscribing to the brand).


Source: Puma

A sense of exclusiveness can also be achieved by sending emails to customers during special occasions such as Mother’s Day and Christmas. This kind of exclusiveness is essential to build a long-term relationship with customers. Your email also needs to be appealing by using words or images to directly remind your customers of your brand.


The customer journey is a long one. Every step in the journey is a chance for your company to send emails and build a strong brand. A series of welcome emails will increase brand awareness and lead customers from the awareness and consideration process to purchase.

After making a purchase, engage them again using order confirmation emails. It does not end there, send them customer retention emails to bring them back to the loop of the customer journey, and this way, you can build your brand.

Email marketing is a powerful tool for the branding aspect of your company. We hope you have a better understanding after reading this article.