Google Drive: Solution for File-Sharing & Features

Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage service offered by Google. Developed in 2012, it has become an essential tool that aids individuals and businesses to success. While efficiency in file sharing is the key of Google Drive, it also provides other incredible features that you might not know. 

In this article, we will discuss about the file-sharing functions and other features by Google Drive that could help you in many situations. 

Google Drive: File-Sharing 

Let’s start with file-sharing, it is what Google Drive is known for after all. You have a space of 15 GB using their free plan. Their paid plans are 100 GB ($1.8/month), 200 GB ($3/month), 2 TB ($9/month), which are not bad considering its security, large space, and additional features. You will have access to Google Experts and extra benefits with the paid plans, but even the free one is good. 

The idea of Google Drive is that you could save your files online in the cloud and it will be accessible anywhere. Since it is stored in the cloud, sharing files with others is easier in comparison to physical technologies such as USB. Therefore, it is possible to share files and edit them efficiently.

In order to start, you just need to click + New at the top left and choose what kind of files that you want to create. Google Docs is a word processor application, Google Sheet is a spreadsheet program, and Google Presentation is a presentation builder program. You could open a new file easier by typing,, and in your search bar for a new docs, spreadsheet, or slides file. 

Sharing files has never been easier, by clicking Share at the top right of your Docs file, you could add others’ emails and set their role (viewer, commentator, and editors). Another way is by using the link provided and share it with others. With this, your team can finish a project or other works more efficiently. Another feature you might not know is that you could check the history of editing by selecting Files, and then Version History to find out who edits which part of the files. In addition to this, you can leave a comment regarding one’s work by clicking Add Comments. If you want a more efficient method of communication, then using Google Hangout as a chat tool is also possible.

Converting PDF to Docs

This is a useful feature that you might have not used yet. Converting files from PDF to a Word file sometimes can be very complicated. Google Drive offers a unique function that could do it for you. Right click any PDF files that you want, Open With, and then click Docs. This way, you can edit even a PDF file.

Scan Image from your Phone

Another useful feature that you might need sometimes. Using Google Drive, you can scan a picture you take from your phone, and then convert it into a PDF file. It is very simple as well, you just need to click + button at the bottom right, and then scan.

Document Translation

Since Google Translate is integrated into Google Drive as well, it allows you to translate files into any language you want. In Docs, you need to go to Tool, and then Translate Document. While Google Translate is not 100% accurate, it is still very useful to understand the content of files in other languages better.

Work Offline

People might think that the biggest obstacle of using Google Drive is that editing could only be done online. However, it is also possible to edit files offline. By clicking the setting logo at the top right, you can just tick the offline box.

Google Form

Other than Google Docs, Spreadsheet, and Google Slides, there is one more common Google Tool that you could utilize which is Google Form. It is mainly used to create a survey and this is extremely useful to do research on a small or even bigger scale. Google Form also allows you to analyze the data to a certain degree. You can create one using the same way as creating Docs, Spreadsheet, and Slides.

Google Form is flexible in a way that you could design the form the way you wanted it to be. You have the option to add a different variety of questions (multiple-choice, short answer, long essay, etc.). In addition to this, putting image or videos are possible to help people answering the questions. When you are done, you can send it to others, or use a shareable link.


Google Drive is great, you can share files with others, as well as edit docs, spreadsheets, slides, and forms efficiently. Nevertheless, Google Drive is more than that. Their add-ons are outstanding, and you can use them to enhance the performance of your applications even further depending on your needs.

1. Save to Google Drive

You might want to save pictures or other files directly to Drive rather than saving them into your device first and then add them to Drive. It is possible using an add-on Save to Google Drive. You just need to right click and then Save Image to Google Drive (if it is an image).

2. Notes for Google Drive

As the name says, it is a note that will sync directly to your Google Drive account which is very convenient.

3. HelloFax

Some businesses still use Fax and it can quite complicated if we do not use one. HelloFax allows you to send fax files from Google Drive to anyone. Simple and quick.

4. DocHub

You could sign files and add a legally binding signature that you can use. In addition to this, DocHub also allowed you to edit PDF files for free.

These are examples of common add-ons for Google Drive. There are still more you can add. We suggest you take a look at which one will suit you the best. Since Google Drive is also part of Google Workspace, it is very simple to connect it to other Google Tools such as Google Hangout, Google Calendar, Google Meet, and others.

As we have written above, Google Drive is more than a file-sharing tool, you could utilize other features as well to increase the efficiency of your personal lives or work.

We hope you have a better understanding of Google Drive after reading our article.